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Donovan Steele's beautiful fiance, Jade, is not sure she can handle the pressures of being married to a star NFL athlete, which may include leaving her successful career. The high profile couple reluctantly break up over their differences and Donovan goes on a rampage to fill his void and sow his oats. With the help of his teammates, he finds himself in one hilarious dating encounter after another, until he ultimately finds himself and the true girl of his dreams. Link web-site:

The Donut Shop - 2012 
Supreme Donuts is in trouble, which means Roy is in big trouble. With a fiancé and twin infant sons to support, he must turn his business around. Unfortunately, the bank is not impressed with Roy's plans for healthy organic donuts. With his back against the wall, Roy decides to risk everything on a totally new concept - wholesome wheat chocolate-glazed donuts with a definite kick. Before long, his buzz-inducing recipe is a huge hit, and Roy's troubles are just beginning.

Since the beginning of time Angels have lived among Humans, protecting them from harm. But after discovering how self destructive humans have become, the Angels find them unworthy and begin a mission to aid in their extinction. As the Angels prepare for Human Destruction by launching a catastrophic event to kill millions, one lone Angel chooses to go against her brethren by saving humankind at the cost of her own fate. (TV Series Pilot 2014)


THICKER THAN BLOOD      (suspense drama)
An upscale beachfront community is the backdrop for this compelling drama. Justin and Cody are best friends since childhood. Two red blooded all American athletes who seem to have everything. Beautiful women, NFL dreams and a high profile lifestyle that most would kill for. However, their most powerful bond is a web of secrets & a murder they must take to the grave, or loose everything. This haunting mystery unveils in a shocking revelation that will leave you speechless. Some friendships are THICKER THAN BLOOD.

TRIANGLE                               (erotic drama)
After a racy night on the town, a married couple and their best friend encounter an accidental one-night stand that spirals out of control faster than light. Forcing the trio to question who they want, what they want, and how they want it. Emotions flair and passions rise as this twisted tale of love, lust and infatuation unfolds with an erotic ending that will leave you in awe. (set in a lavish community of affluent hipsters).


Director - Writer - Producer
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a teenager, Umari was a Mouseketeer and a dancer for Disneyland. He was an accomplished fashion photographer and a fashion marketing director for many years before he began film-making. Umari's first short film, "The Donut Shop", won multiple festival awards and received immediate distribution offers. That acknowledgment led to the birth of Umari Entertainment and his first full feature, "Rebound Sex". Umari was inspired by ground-breaker, Antoine Fuqua and creative icons, Spike Lee, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino for shattering traditional ideas of film-making. He continues to move forward as a multi faceted artist who is not limited by stereotyped expectations of his work.
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REBOUND SEX wins Best Comedy Award at IFSLA 2019

The Donut Shop wins Best Comedy Award at SDBFF
with LaCora Stephens
Make something of life
Don't let life make something of you
Don't let successes go to your head
And don't let failures go to your heart

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